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Sports Chiropractic

GolferWhether you’re an avid runner, diehard CrossFitter, occasional golfer or weekend warrior, Idaho is an outstanding place to stay fit. Dr. Ogata has been a longtime athlete and loves to help his Boise patients be at their athletic best. He also serves as the chiropractor for the Boise State University Athletic Department.

Restoring Optimal Function

Dr. Ogata sees athletes across the spectrum and can help them restore their proper biomechanics. Chiropractic also has many other benefits for athletes:

  • Prevents injuries
  • Enhances performance
  • Is drug-free
  • Relieves pain naturally
  • Increases strength
Dr Ty by sports wall
In addition to providing adjustments to athletes Dr. Ogata also will give them customized stretches to help address their particular concerns.

Here are some examples of athletes’ injuries or concerns that Dr. Ogata can help with:

  • A golfer with a crooked spine
  • A baseball pitcher who has a leg that’s breaking down
  • A collegiate hammer thrower whose ribs keep popping out
  • A Pee Wee football player who can’t hold their helmet up
  • A marathon runner with foot pain

Dr. Ogata will look at your particular sport, what issue you’re dealing with and how to best address it. Because of his breadth of experience taking care of athletes over the years, he gets excellent results for his athletic patients.

What are the most common types of sports injuries?

The most common sports injuries that we see are shin splints, tennis and golfer’s elbow, tendonitis, torn and pulled muscles and ligaments, neck pain and low back pain.
How does chiropractic address sports injuries?

Because chiropractic care keeps your spine, nerves and joints balanced properly, you can recover from sports injuries more effectively and perform at a higher level.
How often should I get care?

Many athletes wonder how often and when they should come in. The short answer is it depends. Do you have a sprained ankle that needs to be treated? Do you have an upcoming game, match or race you’re participating in?

For collegiate athletes who compete on Saturdays, for example, we try to get them in on a Tuesday or Thursday, and then they usually see us after the game. Some athletes get care before, during and after their game or competition.

Marathon runners, for example, may require more frequent care due to the intensity of their sport. They may come in with foot or knee problems, which we can address.

The bottom line is that it all depends on when the game or race is as well as what needs to be repaired and how severe the issue is.

Do you take X-rays on kids?

The only time we would take X-rays on a child is if they experienced a trauma that needs to be evaluated.
How many visits does it take to get an ankle sprain better?

We can get an ankle sprain resolved in three to four days but the athlete would need to come in every day to do therapy along with getting adjusted.
Can chiropractic care allow me to be less reliant on medication for my pain?

Definitely! Chiropractic care can reduce your pain and reliance on over-the-counter and prescription medications, which can have serious associated side effects. Most of our patients that schedule appointments want to address their pain naturally and avoid having surgery or taking medication.

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You don’t have to let an injury sideline you from your favorite sport. We want to help you get back in the game. Contact Ogata Chiropractic today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ogata!


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