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Ogata Chiropractic Reviews

What Our Boise Patients Say

At Ogata Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Awesome People

Awesome people, excellent chiropractor. Great experience!!!

-Karen M.

Genuine Care

Ogata Chiropractic has gone over and above to care for my immediate needs to get my back working properly again and pain-free. I know that they have a genuine care for helping me and take the time to explain where my pain is coming from and the options for treatment so we can make informed decisions together. The deep tissue laser treatments have been tremendous for getting me back on my feet. I recommend Ogata Chiropractic and wholeheartedly!

– Marc R.

Really Like Their Style

I really liked Dr. Ogata’s style, and how friendly & professional the staff is.

– Christopher G.

Friendly and professional!

Everyone has been very friendly and professional and the work I’ve had on my back has been great. I really appreciate how Dr. Ogata takes the time to do X-Rays, shows you the X-Rays, and then creates a recovery plan with you. I’ve been very pleased with my treatments and will continue to give Dr. Ogata my business..

– Lester Z.

Chiropractor with Heart

In addition to being a great chiropractor, I love the time Ty spent visiting and encouraging my son before a big sporting event. We credit Ty with his best performance ever!

– Jenifer C.

Asks the Right Questions

I’ve been going to chiropractors for years and I know the difference between good ones and bad ones, Ogata Is a good one. They have an extensive information sheet for patients to fill out. Dr. Ogata took the time to take extensive x-rays and ask the right questions before making any adjustments. On my second visit we sat down and went over the x-rays and he showed what was wrong. Dr. Ogata then made some adjustments to my neck and back. When I came in for this visit I had a terrible headache related to the problems in my cervical area. By the time we finished and I walked out to my vehicle the headache was gone. He’s knows what he’s doing. It’s going to take time to get my back and neck back in shape but I believe Dr. Ogata can do it.

– William B.

Convenient and Soothing

I love the convenience of the location, the soothing atmosphere, as well as the care of all the staff. They’re always ready to accommodate your needs, going the extra mile to make sure you receive the treatment you’re seeking. Dr. Ogata is very knowledgeable about a variety of issues arising from every-day bloopers! He’s adjusted my shoulder, my wrist, and my knee at various times when I’ve done some crazy thing to myself. I no longer put off going to the chiropractor. It’s now something I actually look forward to!

– Donna F.

Friendly and Kind

I’ve been going to Ogata Chiropractic for some time now and it has been so helpful for my well being! The staff is so friendly and and kind. Ty Ogata is so very knowledgeable and has helped me and my daughter get back to better health. Whether it is helping my low back issues, or if I have a rib out of place, I know when I need relief, Ogata Chiropractic is who I need to call! 100% recommend to anyone wanting answers and relief from their back and beck pain.

– Aisha R.

Outstanding Chiropractor and Person

Dr. Ty Ogata is an outstanding chiropractor and person. As a patient of a chiropractor for over 25 years and a patient here for 4 years, I can say with conviction that Ty is by far the best and most trustworthy practitioner I have had.

– Tom W.

Go Above and Beyond

Dr. Ogata and staff are exceptional and go above and beyond for their patients. Top notch treatment, atmosphere and attention to detail. Thank you you Ty and team!

– Jennifer K.

Huge Improvements

Dr Ogata and his staff have been absolutely amazing, very professional but very personable . He is treating my injury and made huge improvements in just 2 sessions. Highest recommendations possible. — John Venecia


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