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New Patients at Ogata Chiropractic

Welcome to Ogata Chiropractic! At our homey and friendly practice you will quickly know you’ve come to the right place to begin or continue your healing journey. Here’s what you can expect.

To save time you can download the new patient paperwork from the website and complete it before your appointment. You also can fill it out at the practice.

The First Appointment

Dr. Ogata will perform a comprehensive exam and take X-rays. During this appointment you will have an opportunity to ask him any questions you have about your care.

The Second Appointment

When you return a day or two later for this visit, he’ll go over his report of findings and will let you know what he found from your exam and X-rays. Then Dr. Ogata will let you know how he can help.

You’ll also be informed of the costs of your care and how long we think it will take to recover your health and you will be given your first adjustment.

Do I Have to Be a Patient Forever?

It’s always your choice as to how long you want to remain under care with us. Just want to get out of pain and that’s it? That’s certainly your choice. Perhaps you’re not in pain but want to enjoy optimal health by getting regular adjustments. Whatever your goals for care, we’re here for you.

You can look at getting adjusted on a regular basis as a tune-up for your spine similar to taking your car in to have it serviced at recommended intervals.

Book an Appointment

Contact our Boise practice today to schedule an appointment. We accept insurance and Medicare.


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