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Current Ogata Chiropractic Patient Specials

For New Pediatric Patients All Summer!

Top 10 reasons you should bring your children to see Dr. Ogata’s this summer:

lady with daughter on back laughing

  • 1. To maximize your child’s neural plasticity brain and nerve development and learning.
  • 2. To enhance your child’s overall health and well-being.
  • 3. To strengthen immunity and reduce incidence of colds, ear aches and general illness.
  • 4. To help with colic and Irritable Baby Syndrome.
  • 5. To help with asthma, breathing difficulties and allergies.
  • 6. To improve spinal posture and prevent scoliosis.
  • 7. To improve your child’s ability to concentrate. Helps with ADHD and ADD.
  • 8. To assist with behavioral disorders, depression, anxiety and enhance overall emotional well-being.
  • 9. To help alleviate digestive problems.
  • 10. To assist with bed wedding and sleep issues.

Your child’s health is their greatest asset! Book now for the greatest preventive and restorative care you can give your child! Call 208-938-3334 or text 208-207-5258.


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