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Get a Spinal Tune-up This Spring

person getting a back adjustmentWith the emergence of spring and warmer temperatures, Boiseans are eagerly getting out into nature. Whether you enjoy golfing at Warm Springs, running on the Greenbelt, hiking Boise National Forest, or sprucing up your yard, you’ll want to keep your spine and body tuned up.

As many people are often more sedentary during the winter months, when they re-engage in activity, they can end up with pain in the back, hip, knees and ankles. In addition to doing warm-up stretches before engaging in physical activity, we also recommend getting regular chiropractic adjustments.

The Power of Prevention

If you can keep up your maintenance care, you can move into spring a little better. Regular adjustments can help improve range of motion, boost athletic performance, prevent injuries and more.

If you do get injured, chiropractic care and our other modalities, including laser therapy, can help you recover so you can return to your favorite springtime activities. Laser therapy can help promote healing and offer pain relief. Dr. Ogata personally administers laser therapy and other modalities.

Take Advantage of These Offers

For current patients, we’re offering a free therapy of their choice.

If you’re a new patient, you can schedule a new patient appointment and receive a free exam & one free therapy! (The therapy will be determined by Dr. Ogata per individual case.)

We invite new patients to tell their family & friends about us. A $200 gift card to The Village at Meridian will be presented to the patient with the most referrals through March and April. New chiropractic and new laser patient referrals are all entered.

Schedule Your Tune-up Today

Don’t wait until you get injured. As soon as something bothers you, whether it’s a sprain or strain, back pain or something else, give us a call. With regular chiropractic care, you can keep your spine aligned and your body functioning at its peak!

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